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I do want Eyelash Extensions.. But... Don't lash extensions ruin you real lashes?

I've been asked this question so many times and people are shocked at my answer NO THEY DO NOT WHEN DONE CORRECTLY. Now what do I mean when I say done correctly? I'll list what eyelash extensions are NOT.

1. It isn't Painful so you should not feel any pain on your eyelid, no poking, tightness, or irritation.
  1. You shouldn't see any glue on your lashline!!!! this WILL ruin and damage your natural lashes and sometimes prevent them from growing back.

  2. Seeing your lashes when you open your eyes or being able to feel them is a NO NO!! eyelash extensions when done correctly will not weigh down your eyelid that is a FACT!

  3. You are SUPPOSE to see shedding this is your natural lash cycle and seeing no shedding will create a problem that will, in the long run have your natural lashes making them brittle and damaged.

THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT Now I'll go over what your experience is like with a Certified Lash Stylist who has a passion and love for what they do♥

  1. No pain on your lash line!!! you will not feel them touching you because the extension is applied 1-2 mm away from your lash line, this makes it so your lashes grow out naturally i.e. no damage!!

  2. No glue or adhesive in sight, the amount that Certified Lash Stylist use cannot be seen because the amount is so little that is needed when the correct products and technique are used.

  3. When you open your eyes you should not feel any weight it will feel like you were just resting your eyes.

  4. Shedding happens. Its just more noticeable with the extension attached to your natural lash because there longer, but you want to see this, that's how you know it was done correctly. Now you shouldn't see massive amounts of lashes but up to 5 a day is normal.

This is what you want ♥♥♥

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful addition to your beauty regimen. Waking up like this no MASCARA NEEDED, just beautiful flirty lashes.... I love them and you will too........ Lashes Charleston|Lashes Summerville

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