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What's your morning routine

I’m an early-bird for the most part. But I love to sleep in some mornings when I’ve had a hectic previous day. Mornings for me are my time to make my coffee, pull up my schedule and go over my days events and confirm my appointments. It’s quiet and I really enjoy my solitude. But do you ever get sidetracked by outside things like notifications from your phone or the email dings going off that need to be checked. That’s me, the first thing I would do is reach for my phone as soon as I would wake up and check the norm. Facebook, Instagram and emails. I would lose at least 30 mins scrolling like a zombie. I had to STOP IT….

I value my time and I had to realize all those things will be there once I took care of me. Most of us who are on social media do the same thing turn off the alarm then reach for our phones. It seems our days are going by so fast and social media, while we love it takes a big chunk of it. It took me a while to get out of that morning routine but I’m better for it. Take a little time for yourself when you wake up, even if you sit or lay in bed and just breath YOUR worth it. I’m grateful for everything and every person in my life. And I want to be the best mother, partner, business owner, sister….. you get it LOL.. I can be. So taking just a little time for yourself will give you energy you need to be the best you. Remember YOU MATTER….

If you have any pointers to help with relaxing first thing in the morning please comment and share with us♥

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