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Eyelash Extensions or Beautiful Brows!! Which could you live without??

I asked some of my clients this question and most couldn't choose. I understand! I couldn't choose either...Having beautiful brows frame the eyes and complete your look whether you wear makeup or NOT. It's just one of those things. You can look at a woman or man and notice right away that there brows are beautiful. Now I've attached two pictures I found one before the brows were waxed & tinted and one just waxed you see the proof of what tamed brows do for YOU!

As you can see the difference is amazing!!!! what a change a little wax and tint can do for you! and to wake up like this and not have to worry about tweezing or filling in your brows is a beautiful feeling.

Now when it comes to eyelash extensions I absolutely LOVE then. They make your eyes pop!! If your weren't born with them don't worry you can have them enhanced and they last. So many people ask me this question once they find out I'm a lash and brow stylist. How long do they last? Well they are Semi-Permanent what that means is they are permanently attached to your lash but your lashes also shed, so when the lashes shed the extension goes with it, now there is a new lash taking its place that is ready to have a new lash attached. (Your natural lashes ARE NOT DAMAGED BY LASH EXTENSIONS DONE BY LA'ROC BEAUTY.

Now if you go to the nail salon and get them done by someone who hasn't been certified you may end up with damage or worse NO lashes.) That is why you have to get fills every 2 to 3 weeks. Your lashes go through a growth cycle so in the summer you may experience a lot of shedding and in the winter hardly any at all. But have you ever wondered how it feels to get up and not have to worry about MASCARA. Yes no more mascara running or scrubbing it off at night for the working woman or busy mom you can enjoy your morning instead of worrying about your lashes and the layers of mascara needed to make them POP.

So with all that said, I could never choose between the two for me they go hand in hand and everyone deserves to see the full potential of their brows and lashes. If you look at the pictures on my Instagram page @larocbeauty my lashes and brows on myself and my clients look like ours and you will see a major difference before and after. If you are interested in either of these services or any other services I provide book your appointment here.

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