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How long do lash extensions last???

That has to be the number one question most clients ask. Lash extensions are actually permanently attached to each individual lash. Many people don't realize that, and that is why it is crucial that you find a lash stylist that shows there actual work and has a good reputation. Look for there pricing cheaper isn't always better. Know the saying you get what you pay for well that especially goes for lash extensions. You have someone getting VERY close to your eye with a sharp object. You don't want to trust that to just anyone.

Now your lashes also she'd to be exact up to 2 to 5 per day per eye so what does that mean ??? What that means is that permanent lash extension that was attached to your lash has now shed to make room for a new lash. That is why we say semi permanent the way to avoid having your lashes look thin is to schedule your fill every 2 week for your lash extensions to be attached to those new lashes that just grew in from the ones that shed. So when it comes to the topic of how long do lash extensions last? That depends on how much your lashes shed. But with proper lash fill appointments they will last as long as your going for you lash extension fills. Hope this helps. Sarina Lashes Charleston| Lashes Summerville

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