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Give Those LIPS an upgrade without breaking the bank!!!

Ever look at a someone and wonder what lip color is that?. Well for me I'll definitely ask. I must confess I'm a makeup junkie!!!. and have a special love for lippies, but today I'm focusing on a few lip colors that are easy on your purse and are absolutely beautiful. So lets get started the line of lipstick is called Milani. This line can be found in CVS, Walgreen's, even Walmart. I absolutely love this line, every-time I wear it which is OFTEN I get compliments, people are shocked that it's a drugstore brand. With the fall here you can now wear all the lippies you want without the heat (well that depends on where you live LOL) The picture below are swatches of a few that I have. I wear them a lot so this fall I will be on the lookout for more. Try them out I guarantee your won't be disappointed and it won't break the bank at $6.59.

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