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The Dreaded Fall Lash Shed

eyelash extensions

Once the weather changes so does the amount of shedding that happens be it our lashes, the hair on our heads and eyebrows.(Lashes Charleston) This is normal because of the cooler weather we don't need as much protection from the sun. So then the shedding begins which is one of the 3 phases that we all go through Anagen is the growth phase and how long it last depends on genetics, Catagen is the resting phase which can last up to 4 weeks it could be longer depending on age. The Telogen phase is the growth phase to shed off the old hair to make room for the new hair. Now when it comes to Lash extensions there are some that go into this phase early in the fall and some later.. everyone is different. What does that mean for your Lash fills??? Some may want to pay closer attention to there shedding patterns during the FALL, you may need mini fills or you may be able to extend you lash fills for a week more. It's all apart of our hair growth cycle. So don't fret when you see a little more shedding then usual, this is normal for this time of year. If you need fills more than usual talk to your lash stylist about mini fills to keep up every week, instead of every two weeks. Lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes so remember there's no damage to worry about.

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