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December Favorite Products and Reviews

Hello Beautiful people, I hope you’re having a great week. I love trying new products and when I love them I’m the first to share. So, starting this month and every month I will be sharing my favorite things of course after I’ve used them a while.

OK now First one up is the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in the color Berry Boost. This liquid lipstick is my fall favorite and goes on like a dream. Its creamy and very pigmented (a little goes a long way) I always line my lips with NYX Deep Purple. And the combination gives you an ombré lip that looks so beautiful. It’s my go to whenever I wear this color which is often. Pick it up at any drugstore.

Next up is Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub The scent is a light clean fragrance I love it, There’s Sea Salt, Pumice & Peach Stone granules in it also Shea Butter. Now I’ve never had a scrub with these ingredients but WOW do they work. I slather it everywhere and my skin feels amazing after I rinse. Now I must say that you want to make sure you rinse thoroughly but your skin will feel Lovely when you’re done..

Now on to Moisturizing and my Fav for the month is The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter. I love body butter and in one of my favorite fruits! who doesn’t want to smell like a Strawberry I know I do. It’s not too strong and your skin will thank you for it. The Body Shop Body Butters are my go to, stop by there and try a sample you’ll fall in love just like me.

And last is something I’m obsessed with and that’s Perfume!!! my scent I’m rocking this month is Versace Crystal Noir! It’s a light musk scent that’s sexy and enticing. I always get compliments from women and men asking what I’m wearing. Now granted perfume smells different on everyone but stop by Sephora and try a free sample if you enjoy it as much as I do add it to your collection.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen those are my Fav’s for December hope you’ll go out and try them. I love them all. If you have any questions shoot me an email, we would love to hear from you.

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