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Have you gone to get a nail fill and also gotten you brows waxed?

Good morning I hope this year so far has been an amazing one for you all! So the heading is what has been on my mind for a while. I feel so strongly about this subject and others but today I will focus on this. Getting your brows waxed at a Nail Salon. Ladies I also go to a nail salon and I love my nail girl. I just had to give myself permission to let someone else do my nails even though I've done my own for years. But that is where it starts and ends. I trust her with my nails but she isn't licensed for anything besides that. My Brows are for an Esthetician or a Cosmetologist. These two professions are trained in skin care and waxing as part of their curriculum Nail Techs are NOT. There are no programs that teach nail techs about brow design (yes that is a course) and also how different face shapes and brows go together.

It is an art and this is why there are different licenses. The next thing is Sanitation did you know that a wax pot must be covered at all times when not in use? YES! How many of you have gone in the back room and seen a dirty ring around an uncovered wax pot???? Now most of you that have been in my salon know I specialize in natural nail care only because of the dust and fumes from acrylic. It doesn't work with my environment. No one including me wants to smell acrylic fumes and have dust floating around while having their eyelash extensions and brows done. So back to the uncovered pot, sometimes its in a back room sometimes on the floor with the nail techs. Now could you imagine what is floating in the air and landing in the WAX. Exactly! Think about these things....

  • You have no idea when the last time they changed the wax!

  • How often do they cover the wax if ever!

  • If they have been trained in Blood-borne Pathogens and Sanitation when it comes to waxing!

  • If everyone that has used that same pot is using a different stick and not double dipping!

  • And last but not least what is in the wax!


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Sarina Freincle is the Owner of La'Roc Beauty and a Licensed Cosmetologist in South Carolina, North Carolina & Georgia

specializing in Eyelash Extensions, Brows, & Natural nail care.

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