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Paint and Sip

I have never been to a paint and sip but let me tell you it was an amazing time. When I was younger I would sit outside by my bedroom window and sketch. They would mostly be of the trees and landscape but I loved the calm that came over me when I did it. Then later on I took an art class in college and it was great. So going to this Paint and Sip took me back to that. That calm place where you could paint and forget about everything else. In my crazy life I forgot about finding that calmness, everyone should enjoy away from the stress and expectations of life. Have you found your calm something that takes you away from your day to day responsibilities. Whether it be painting, reading, walking, or writing. Find something that you enjoy that is just for you and do it. Here's my painting from the paint and sip. If anyone is interested in participating in a paint & sip please comment on this post www.larocbeauty.com www.facebook.com/larocbeauty

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