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What Exactly is a Lashlift and Tint?

So have you wondered what all the talk is about #Lashlift & #Tint.

lashlift and tint before and after

Well here is a great example of it right here. This gorgeous client has pretty long lashes but they grow straight out and she was tired of using a ton of mascara and a lash curler. The process curls your lashes with a chemical process sometimes called a lash perm. One of the amazing things about getting a lashlift and tint is that it last up to 6 to 8 weeks.

Mascara can still be used to give your lashes the thickness you like with no worries, of course we recommend NO Waterproof mascara due to its drying nature. The tint is great for ladies with light lashes, This procedure is for women who want to be able to minimize their morning routine and aren't quite ready the maintenance of eyelash extensions. If you find that this is your issue or someone you know educate them on options besides eyelash extensions and visit us at for more information.

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