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Body Icing

Our Body Icing is handcrafted, vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free. Our owner has been working on this icing for the past 2 years and it has finally met her expectations. The excitement has been unreal and so has the response of this one of a kind product. One of the key things was to make sure this product did what was needed for the skin (moisturize, protect, and heal) and could be used by all women. So we will take you on a journey of the main ingredients and what their benefits are for the skin.

So let's start our trip and discover where all the wonderful ingredients we have in our new Body Icing by Body by La’Roc

Our first stop will be India. To discover Shorea (Sal) butter which derives from the Shorea Tree.

Much like shea butter, It is obtained from the fruit seeds of the Sal then processed and refined into a light color butter. It restores softness and elasticity to the skin. It also has anti-inflammation properties as well as UV protection. Sal butter is an excellent source of stearic and oleic acids.


Our Second stop is also in India with our second ingredient Mango butter. Derived and wild-harvested from the jungles in India. It comes from the seeds of the mango a soft and soothing moisturizing butter it has long-lasting emollience that nourishes the skin, boosts its elasticity as well as its suppleness. Thereby making the skin look smoother and firmer.


Our third stop is Brazil where we come to our third ingredient Cupuacu Butter it comes from the cupuacu tree that is native to the tropical rainforest in the Amazon basin a national fruit of Brazil. It is a rich moisturizer with fatty acids that improve the tone and texture of skin and support from free radicals (which cause skin damage).


Our Fourth Stop will be Zimbabwe. Mafura butter comes from the Mafura trees also know as Cape Mahagony trees. Abundant in essential fatty acids this butter is rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Making it the ideal moisturizer for tropical-like climates. It moisturizes without clogging pores and encourages cell generation thereby adding a youthful appearance to your skin.


Our fifth stop will be West Africa. Kombo Butter derives from the tropical Pycnanthus angolensis tree also know as African nutmeg. It has a unique dark chocolate brown color along with our other butter in our Body icing gives it a luscious caramel color. It absorbs quickly with numerous wonderful benefits. Antimicrobial, antifungal, loaded with antioxidants and anti-rheumatic properties. Perfect for soothing dry and irritated skin, it may also alleviate joint and muscle pain.


Our sixth stop will be to Sri Lanka. For our virgin Coconut oil derived from the meat of the coconut. Coconut oil is great for skin in reducing inflammation, keeping the skin moisturized, and helping with healing the skin it also possesses antimicrobial properties.

Your cake lovely. But what's cake without the icing... Body by La'Roc

Keep an eye out for our Suga Scrub that compliments our Body Icing.

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