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Take control of THIS YEAR!

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

I still can't believe 2021 went so fast. Like how is it January 23rd already?? Am I the only one feeling like this? Well, I haven't done my manifestation/vision board yet but I have prepared for it and wanted to share some new things that I've learned and will use for this year. When we look up it'll be March so let me tell you my plans for my 2022 manifestation/vision board this year. This is all based on a podcast featuring Joyce Schwartz leader of the vision institute and the only certified vision board expert.

  1. You do not need to create a board for the whole year. Did you know that? from the years that I've done a board, I always thought it should be for the whole year. Well from what I've learned that's not the case it can be for the season, quarter, or month!!! It actually keeps you on track and you need to go back edit and define the board as you grow.

  2. As much as we are on our cellphones, tablets, and laptops it needs to be a physical board there is something tied to you physically finding the items for your board and placing them on the board. So get your magazines and articles, glue, glitter, and whatever else you need, and sit down and get started.

  3. While you are picking out what to place on your board actually visualize yourself receiving these things and the feeling that you will have. This is POWERFUL!! being in that place of already receiving what you are manifesting in your life and creating the feeling of you being in that space is the purpose. This moves it from the left side of the brain which we use when we are on the computer or phone to the right side of the brain when your using your hands and physically touching what you are placing on your boards.

  4. While doing your manifestation/vision board light some candles put on your favorite music station and focus be in the moment and it should take you way longer than a day. I mean this is the future you're creating so TAKE YOUR TIME.....again you should be visualizing every major event you are placing on your board.

  5. And when you're done with don't hide it away in your bedroom or closet place it where people will see it in your livingRoom in a hallway where it can be seen daily and other people will see it. I shouldn't be a secret. You should be sharing it to let people know about the things you want to manifest it helps you refine your vision and learn to speak to the naysayers. Which also speaks to your inner self about what you want and gives you the power and charge you up because you're always talking about it. It won't be forgotten.

  6. Here are some steps to get started with the GRADS method.

Gratitude: Write down everything that you are thankful for last year and that happened from your last vision board. The gratitude list you be at least 10 to 15 lines long go DEEP on the gratitude.

Release and Receive: Now if you have an old vision board after you go through the gratitude you are grateful for everything that did and did not happen. You're releasing anything you did not need. The secret to your manifestation is to release what's not needed to make room for your new vision. So what do you need to release to make room for what you want??? Now take your time with this one because this is your life. Again it doesn't need to be for the year it could be for the month but I would use say every season or every qtr. even 6 months at a time. Now you want to go into each day with flow and ease and you want this new board to represent that.

Ask and Receive: So I want you to break this down into major life events and categories. Example Love and Romance, Work etc. anything you want on your board, go through each category and decide what you want. What are you asking for?? What is the list of things you want to happen? Now as you're doing this you MUST VISUALIZE these things.

Next step is to be and believe. Live the vision you want to be in, If you want to feel a sense of financial freedom you have to feel financially free. This may be the hardest part, How do you feel financially free if you've never been or experienced that feeling? So here are some pointers, start by imagining the feeling of doing all the things you would do if you were financially free. And repeat this for all the things you want to manifest.

Now the last thing is to share!!! When you have shared you vision/manifestation board you start to talk about it and imagining the feeling of having those things and living the life you have for yourself. Share it will people that support you and will speak life into your dreams. And in turn you will start putting out into the universe and imagining yourself in that space. Now start this and share with family and friends and this will become how you will start to bring the things to you that you've always wanted.

P.S. Not long ago I was with one of my girlfriends just talking and she said to me "You have manifested your whole life" I stopped looked at her and took a moment to look at my life and all the people and things I have and realized she was right. Guys this works if you asked me where I saw myself 5 years ago this would not have been it. But I have been blessed. I will not say it was easy but trust me it has been worth it. You can have anything you want in this life you just have to believe you already have it. I will share this again in a year and add to the blog what has happened in my life that I am currently manifesting.

I hope that you all take this and really let this guide you with your vision/manifestation board. We all deserve all the great things in life. I pray that for you. Now lets get started creating the life of our dreams. leave some feedback on how these steps have helped you or gave you a new perspective on how you will execute your boards this year.

xo Sarina Freincle

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